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Svakatha, AI and Android Developer

SvaKatha’s sole motive is to help people with creating fashion that shows their individuality and makes people feel comfortable in what they wear. SvaKatha is a Gandhinagar based startup which combines Technology with Fashion.


  • First I joined as an AI intern but then was offered the role of AI Team Leader. After I completed my Android Development Course, I also worked there as an Android Developer. 
  • I am in the team that built the world’s first artificial intelligence-powered style suggestion app for fashion.


February 2020

ACML Capital Markets limited, Financial Analyst and Job Shadowing

ACML CAPITAL MARKETS LIMITED (ACML) is a company established and promoted by Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Limited (ASEL) in the year 2000


  • I worked here as a research intern. I was responsible for doing Fundamental and Technical analysis of stocks and sectors. I also got a LOR from the CFO of ACML Mr. Vipul Vakharia. 
  • Over time I also learned about Risk and portfolio management from the CFO of the company. 
  • I also managed funds for clients of ACML. 
  • After the internship I also Job Shadowed a Quantitative analyst for 3 Weeks.


Jan 2020 - April

Arya Business Consulting (ABC), Financial Analyst

This is a company started by my father. ABC is responsible for doing business Valuation,  corporate management information system reporting and other compliance related services. To help my father I joined ABC for doing research and analysis of different companies in the particular sector. 

  • I was responsible for doing Fundamental and Technical analysis of Stocks and sectors and making reports. 
  • I got a wonderful chance to help my father as well learn practical information in the field of corporate finance.
Feb 2020 - Present

Bexcode Services, MEAN Stack Developer

Bexcode Services is a US based software development company established in 2012. They are focused on delivering high-performance and scalable software products to companies from different areas. 

  • I worked as a MEAN Stack Developer for the company. I was part of a 5 member team that was making a student attendance website for a school.
  • They also gave a LOR for my work as a MEAN Stack Developer.


April 2020 - June 2020

Space society of Engineers, Member at ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organisation is the space agency of the Government of India. 

  • I am the Youngest scientist and Space society member at ISRO and got selected from more than 200 Students. 
  • I worked as an AI Researcher and Student Team Head at ISRO.
  • I conducted several live sessions explaining the use of AI for Space technology.
  • ISRO also observed and approved my gaussian noise removal system which I built for myself.
April 2020 - Present

ThoughtMate Systems, Android Developer

ThoughtMate Systems specializes in making Web/Phone Applications. They have a big reputation in the industry of making applications in Gujarat.

  • I worked as an Android Developer for this company.
  • I was responsible for making a Manufacturer-Distributor Gateway for this company. 
  • The founder of the company also involved me in his meetings with clients and staff. The founder Mr. Amit Patel also gave me LOR for Android Development.


June 2020 - Aug 2020

Sattrix Information Security, Python Programming in Cybersecurity

Sattrix IT Security Company emphasizes cybersecurity countermeasures such as threat management, compliance management, and technology programs when advising cyber security adoption to clients.

  • I worked as a Python developer in the Phishing attack prevention team. 
  • I also worked on Hashing encryption and Incident responder problems.
June 2020 - Aug 2020

Royal Solusoft LLP, AI and Hololen software testing inter

Royal Solusoft is a company which makes web & mobile applications and Hololens softwares. It specialises in making applications for Microsoft.

  • I worked in a pair for combining and testing the Power of Holoen with AI.
  • In the Covid-19 period the company shipped the hololens and laptops to me so I can test at home. 
  • Within a short period I got to experiment and test various Microsoft applications for the company.
September 2020 - Oct 2020